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Music Five By Five is where we gather and make available public information about the music people, places and things related to music.  We maintain over two million records about everything you need or use.

Specifically - Music Professionals, Music Enterprises, Sheet Music, Instruments, Music Accessories and Music Services.

The activities required to gather and maintain the very best database about the music business that touches the public most is sponsored by the MUSIC5X5 affiliate store

Music Professional Organization 

The Music Professional Organization - Global Music Information 
MPO is the Business Intelligence you need to grow.

  • Would you like to sell your products or services to a professional community and through them an audience that make over 270 million purchases annually?
  • If you want to find a music teacher nearby that is just right for your child or a set of cello strings on the other side of the world, the Music Professional Organization has the answer.


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