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The Music Professional Organization (MPO) seeks and vets music business information; the music people, places and things available to the public.  MPO is Business Intelligence about music professionals, music enterprises, sheet music, instruments, accessories and services.  The people and places in the MPO Community currently conduct over 270 million transactions every year; over $60 billion.

It's not just the 270 million transactions; it's the conversations about those transactions.  Music is already a social community.  The MPO Community is party to over a billion online conversations.  Your interests are just as varied as there are music communities in your town or around the globe. 


Your customer can't do business with you unless they know who you are.  That's what we do.  The fact is, there is no single resource available to you like MPO.  We know the music people and places.  We know them professionally ir part in the music community.  We know them socially.  That means we know your customer. 

We build your customer base organically utilizing our in-depth business intelligence.  We communicate your information directly to individuals already interested in you and socially through them to their customers ... your customers.   


MUSIC5X5 (Music Five By Five) your direct link to music professionals, enterprises, sheet music, instruments, accessories and music services. 

We gather and maintain the very best database about the music business that touches the public.

MUSIC5X5 is where the public finds what they are looking for ... you.  Sign up or update your membership record. JOIN

MPO can project your business to a world of prospective customers - literally.

Knowing who your customer is and how to communicate with them is what we do.  

What does MPO do for you?

This is the membership site for MPO, the Music Professional Organization

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