Why we need the MPO Online Music Resource Directory

Where can I buy one1, a good one2? Rent one3?
     Where can I find … a repairman to fix my violin bow
     … violin music
5 - that is right for my level of accomplishment6?
     … a violin teacher
7 - for my level my level of accomplishment8?
     … a class
9, a school10, a university11 that specializes in violin12?
     … associations
13 for violinist14? Groups15? Bands16? Symphonies17?
     Where can I have one made
18? Rosin19? Strings20?
And … Where can I go to find this information

​*any instrument or voice 

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Vetted Music Professionals, Enterprises, Products & Services

  • Using ANY Search Engine on ANY single request results in millions of options. 
  • MPO finds your your public - organically. 
  • Vetted Professionals and Enterprises each making their products or services available - online.

​​I’m interested in the … violin*  

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