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We are creating a home for the music community; you.  We are calling it Music 5 By 5 (MUSIC5X5).  In MUSIC5X5 you can find everything related to performing music … eventually.  We are just beginning.

To make it work, we need you, professional musicians, professional music people and your public.  You make our music community.  If you have an interest – we have an interest.  We are developing five directories where we gather information related to music performance; Sheet Music, Music Enterprises, Music InstrumentsMusic AccessoriesMusic Services.

This is free.  When you use MUSIC5X5 to locate a person, place or thing on our site, you are supporting our projects. 

Our first project is the creation of a comprehensive Sheet Music Directory.  Locating sheet music on the web is absolute madness.  Genre, Instrument, Level, Arranger, Publisher; it goes on and on - and that's after you know the title.  We have identified 350,000 sheet music titles from nearly 2,000 music publishers and we’ve got some of them online now. You'll be able to locate any of these titles - instantly - with links where to find them.

Request our publisher list.  It's all free.  If you want a single publisher or the whole lot, we'll send you PDF’s containing the sheet music titles (that we know of) for that publisher and where you can find them online.

In MUSIC5X5 we do the leg work for you.  We identify the person, place or thing, gather information about it and then provide a link for you to get there.  Inside a single location, you can find access to information, communications, commerce and community about Sheet Music, Music Enterprises, Music Instruments, Music Accessories, Music Services.  Try it out.

Future projects are identifying and locating music instrumentsmusic accessories and services.  We are just getting this started.  In many of these we already begun.  If you see any problems, let us know.

Visit us often; we are always updating our directories.  If we are missing something, send us info and we will vet it and get it into our directories.  Check out what we have … and don’t have.  


Check out our Music Accessories - Guitar page - What else would you like to see in there?