Sheet Music has a direct correlation to all music including instruments, accessories and services.  The one absolute in music is Sheet Music.  Every musician or music enterprise either requires sheet music themselves or works with people that do.   Sheet Music is a complex and diverse market; a global market.  Bringing all of the titles together in one location in an easy-to-use format has a significant value to every person that seeks sheet music. 

Our Sheet Music database consists of nearly 500K titles from over 1000 publishers.  MPO uses a custom input program for each source (publisher/distributor) to maintain their data efficiently.  The program translates the vendor product catalog into the MPO Sheet Music Database.  The MPO Sheet Music Database updates MPO Secure. Each Sheet Music data record consists of three types of data;

1) The MPO Sheet Music Data Record,

2) The MPO Demographic Record and

3) The MPO Sheet Music Description Record.


We Have Embedded

In-Depth and Searchable Information About Each Title Enabling Access To Information, Communications, Commerce and Community